Your Summer Genealogy Playbook: Fun, Creative and Informative

NEW this summer! Two free genealogy playbooks offering a source of inspiration - with equal parts fun, creative and informative. Choose from one or both of these digital editions!

Genealogy Playbook - Main Edition

The first playbook, titled the main edition, presents genealogy craft oriented ideas, suggested summer reads and films, a check in list to review the organization of your genealogy research, tips for a summer research trip, family fun activities and more.

To obtain your copy of the Genealogy Playbook - Main Edition, visit here.

Genealogy Playbook - Irish Edition

The second playbook, titled the Irish edition, holds unique content from the main edition, inclusive of a more Irish themed direction. Enjoy fun elements such as testing your knowledge of Irish names, or interpreting a strong Irish accent. Explore one of Ireland’s legacy families through their archives, review online search techniques and more.

To obtain your copy of the Genealogy Playbook - Irish Edition, visit here.

So here’s to some summer fun over genealogy!

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