Could You Be Placing Your Historical Documents at Risk?

If you hold treasured photos, documents and other family memorabilia it is important to implement measures to protect them. Air quality, pollution, insects, rodents, mould, the handling and the structure of the item are all contributors to placing your historical items at risk.

So what can you do to protect them? Here are some immediate actions to consider:

  1. Don’t pile up items on top of one another as it could create unnecessary wear and tear.

  2. Do not lean or touch old documents or artifacts too excessively as this could impact the integrity of the document.

  3. Once you’ve completed your use or viewing of an item that you clear it away and place in safekeeping. You don’t wish to in accidentally place something else on top or even worse spill some liquid or food item on the item.

  4. Store photos, documents in well ventilated area. As shared humidity can advance the destruction of items.

  5. Use acid free storage methods to protect photos.

  6. Capture all items digitally as a back up in the event any item were to be destroyed.

  7. Store away from light as this can cause undue fading and color alteration.

  8. Be mindful of old books as their structures and materials can be accelerators for preservation risk. For example vegetable-tanned leather can easily be susceptible to red hot sulphur dioxide attacks. Where you see corners of such books with a rusty, fuzzy type of look and texture this no doubt means such an occurrence has taken place.

There are numerous sites that offer products for consideration. One such may be viewed here.

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