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The Genealogy Event

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In 2008, Bridget Bray, founder of The Genealogy Event uncovered that part of her ancestry was Irish, hailing from a small village Castleconnell in county Limerick, Ireland. With very little information and even less ability to connect with living elderly family members she had to begin from near scratch. In doing so it fostered an interest, a curiosity and passion in genealogy, particularly Irish genealogy; shortly thereafter a desire to provide learning and connecting opportunities to those looking to get started or continue with their genealogy research. So in 2012, The Genealogy Event first launched in New York City and has taken on different formats and locations - being held in both New York City and Limerick, Ireland.

Bridget is also the founder and organizer of the New York based Irish / British Genealogy Group that hosts events, talks and community events throughout the year and conducts workshops on how to get started with Irish genealogy. She may be contacted here.