Welcome to The Genealogy Event.


Whether new to genealogy or looking to enhance your research skills, The Genealogy Event and associated events are focused on providing you the opportunity to learn and engage - over genealogy and DNA.  

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For this event’s twist on the traditional pot luck, bring yourself or join in by sharing a tip or learning opportunity - as the food is already taken care of! In partnership with the New York Irish Center, the genealogy “pot luck” will be presented alongside the NYC based The Irish / British Genealogy Group in recognition of the group’s tenth anniversary in March 2019. With a combination of content and interactive discussion this will be very much a genealogy community for the day! Early bird tickets now on sale through to Feb. 15. For more on the proposed program visit here.


Interested in meeting and connecting with others who share a common interest in genealogy and DNA? Then consider joining The Irish / British Genealogy Group, a New York City based group that offers a series of events throughout the year.

Selection of photography provided by Joseph Crowe